Brand Story

Henney Bear,launched in 2008,was named by the designer Mr Henney. After a trip to Belgium ten years ago,Henney was shocked by the art and craft of TAPESTRY . It was almost same art as ancient Chinese fabric called JIN about 2000 year ago. Art from different corners of the world has a lot in common.

But,why not give this old old art new life? old art can reborn with brand new fashion element !So Henney decided to focus on this old but new tapestry fashion.

Henney‘s multicultural background, his experience of designs with top brands of handbags like Guss….like Guc…..all lend color and character to his designs.

Henney’s designs emanate from his desire to do it feels natural rather than make a conscious decision to follow something commercial. We have never been about greed or ambition – we want to create something extraordinary in the fashion world. We constantly innovate, and push each other to strive for originality.

The vision behind Henney Bear is to create beautiful products that touch every woman’s deepest desire for beauty ,desire for love and dreams– as Henney pushes the idea of beauty each and every day.

Brand Introduction

1 More Than 500 Stores Round The World,Includ Ing Uk,USA ,Canada,Thailand,Japan,China

2 Henney Bear Trade Mark Was Registered Internationally In More Than 100 Countries

3 All Of Our Special Embelishments, Artworks And Decorations Are Copyrighted In The World Copyright Library

4 Henney Bear Theme Hotel, Cafe, Museum Founded, Bringing Colorful Expericence To All The Fans

5 Henney Bear Designer Team Consisted Of Designers From Uk ,Italy And China,Empowring And Devoting Their Passion Of Fashion

6 All Products Are Available With Certain Quantity In China Warehouse, So No Order Minimum To Deliver For You.

Classic Product

  • H-034Pirate Bear

    Made of super thin solid wood, hard leather for inner box, durable, type,undamped.

  • H-106Crown Bear Gold

    The ingenuity is unique,in the moment that opens,like a flower to bloom,domineering.

  • H-054Angel Bear

    Henney Bear The jewelry box specially developed for fans, besides the per fect function, is also a work of art.